Search Engine Optimization - Part 1

It is very common problem companies or developers have to rank their website on Search Engine. It is all about to target their customers/users.

When you develop a website or product, the common question you must have in your mind is, how users will reach to your website? How this website will be well known among thousands/lacs of related website which provides similar services.

Users are habitual of search engines to go a website for a service. They normally type their needy things in search engines and SE provides a list of websites (Service Provider) and it is human tendency to visit the top listed website in the search result.

So the whole thing is that, how to list your website on search result when someone search with a relative service name/text which your website meant for.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website on organic search engine result pages as well as try to get website on top position in search results.


Advantage/Benefits of SEO:

  1. High ranking on the search engine.
  2. Easy to find and easy to reach to website.
  3. Increase users/customers/viewers.
  4. It is free to all.


How to take advantage of SEO??

Followings are some point that will help you to take advantage of SEO-

  1. Page Content: Use Unique and High Quality Content on your web pages. Content like text, media and also links.
  2. Page Title: Html title tag "<title>Your Page Title Here </title>" should be unique to every page. It helps search engine as well as users. Use Primary Keyword in each title inside the title tag.
  3. Meta Tags: Html Meta tags are more important. That must have description and keywords. (Many more Meta tags are here).
    <meta name="keywords“ content="KEYWORD1 KEYWORD2 
    KEYPHRASE1 etc. about 30 to 40 unique words">
    <meta name="description“ content="An accurate, 
    keyword-rich description about 150 characters">
  4. Link Building/Increase Link popularity: Link helps to promote the web page on search engine. It is bi-directional promoting strategy.

    Web site Crawler will go to a site again and again whose ranking in Search Engine is high. You can verify this fact by putting your site on a high rank site. If your site link is available on a high rank web site then you have 99.99% chances that your site will be indexed with-in 24Hrs.

    1. Request to search engines to crawl your page by submitting your page URLs. ,
    2. Write good articles in blogging sites and give few references of your links with-in that article.
    3. Use webmaster tools like google webmaster to send their URLs for indexing.


What will come next??

Advanced SEO – Technology is upgrading day to day. Html is upgraded to Html5, CSS is upgraded to CSS3. Advancement of old Technology created the need of Advanced SEO. The Website that are using advance version will be preferred more on Search Engines.

So in the next Blog, I will come with advanced SEO.

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